Install Anaconda for Machine Learning

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I am a technology enthusiast and always up for challenges. Recently I have started getting hands dirty in machine learning using python and aspiring to gather everything I can.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the second article of the Machine Learning tutorial series. In previous article we saw a brief introduction to Machine Learning. In this article we are going to see how to install Anaconda for Machine Learning.

Install Anaconda:

Anaconda is an application which provides different IDE for different languages including Python. We will now see how to install Anaconda for Machine Learning.


  1. Go to
  2. Download Anaconda for the operating system you are going to use. Here we are going to install Anaconda for Windows
  3. Follow the traditional installation process to install Anaconda once download is complete
  4. After completing the installation process, Launch Anaconda Navigator:
Anaconda Navigator

Anaconda Navigator


Launch spyder IDE.From now onwards we are going to use spyder to develop Machine Learning model using Python.




Congratulations you have successfully installed Anaconda on your machine. Now, in next article we will create a dataset for our tutorial series.

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